Buy tax: Each buy transaction will be charged 5% fees for development and marketing purposes. 

Sell tax: Each sell transaction will be charged 5% fees for development and marketing purposes. Additional 3% for bounty rewards for holders (Earned though locked staking)

Total Buy Tax: 5%
Total Sell Tax: 8%

Token Information

Contract Address: – TBA –
Token Name: – TBA –
Ticker Symbol: – TBA –
No. of Decimals: 9

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000

      • Institutional Investors – 4% (Vested over a year – 0.75% at launch, 3% throughout a year)
      • Earlybird Presale – – TBA –
      • Petpal (NFT) Minigame Rewards / Staking Pools – – TBA –
      • Presale – – TBA –
      • Liquidity – – TBA –
      • Team Wallet – 5% (Vested over a year – 1% at launch, 4% throughout a year)
      • Petpals Bounty Rewards (For Locked Staking) – 2%
      • Petpals CMC Airdrops – 1%

*Token Distribution are preliminary till launch and subject to minor changes.
*(This is to prevent copycats and fakes from creating convincing fakes)

Presale Information

Conducted in DXSale OR Unicrypt OR Official Petpals Website.


Tokens for sale: – TBA –
BNB Liquidity Locked Duration – 6 Months (Incase migration needed to PCS V3)

Min Contribution: – TBA –

Max Contribution: – TBA – 

Softcap/Hardcap: – TBA –

Presale Price (USDT): – TBA –

Listing Price (USDT): – TBA –

Start of Presale: – TBA –

End of Presale: – TBA –

Note: TBA – To Be Announced.

How to Participate in Presale?

PetPals attempts to respect the privacy of all users. The Binance Smart Chain Network has been a great provider to developing platforms such as PetPals itself. However, in saying this, there are many users who attempt maliciously gain an upperhand by using a third-party program (bots) in order to purchase $PALS tokens at a rapid pace with multiple wallets. This is why PetPals has created a platform in which users must pass a Captcha  to contribute an amount within the range. Presale information will be provided in the Telegram and on the main website.