Petootie is a large continental island in the world of Mystyria. This island full of mysteries is inhabited by beings known as Petpals, intelligent and fierce creatures that since a long time ago compete for total control of the territory and its different sources of food, raw materials, and, above all, its magical places and artifacts.

Magic occurs naturally in Petootie and has guided the ambition of Petpal’s clans since the beginning of time.

Few Petpals have been able to explore the great oceans and discover places beyond Petootie, partly because they failed to develop strong and big enough ships, and partly because of the fear they have of the monstrous creatures that inhabit the deep waters beyond the coast, long remembered in the legends and stories told by the oldest to the youngest since they were little petchlings.

The few who actually managed to travel abroad also never returned to tell what lay beyond the great ocean, therefore the extent of the world of Mystyria, and its probable further places and inhabitants, remains unknown to the Petpal clans of Petootie.

Another mystery that has not yet been solved is the reason behind the increasing occurrence of invading powerful creatures that come from beyond the ocean.

However, not knowing about the existence of other places has never been a significant problem for petpals and their clans, as they have always been focused on the island of Petootie. And it is there, in Petootie, that their main objective has always been: Take control over “The Fountains” and over the magical artifacts unveiled within it.

As every Petpal knows, nature in Petootie is something alive and magical, and some places on the island intensify this feature, creating great magnetism and giving unique attributes to those who dwell there.

Throughout the history of Petootie, it is said that some petpals managed to connect deeply with these places, and learned how to cast nature’s energy into special objects, which could enhance the abilities and even give magical powers to those who bear them. The stories tell that some of those items were so powerful that they could give one the power to “paint reality itself in different colors”, creating and changing the properties of the world around them, hence being called PaintBrushes.

The wise and peaceful petpals who discovered those secrets are so long gone that present petpals assume they were just legends, invented to explain stuff petpals from the past did not understand.

Whether these ancestors were real or simply legends, their supposed legacy, the power brushes, continue to motivate the life of the clans toward disputes, tournaments, alliances, and war among themselves.


Part I – Petpals

There was a time when the 9 species of Petpals lived totally in peace, each in their biomes of origin, Willys and Jaws’ lived peacefully on the beaches and coastal areas around Petootie, Meowmis, Kongs, and Ruldolphs lived in the great forests, and the Pumbaas, Hooters and Doges, inhabit each in its own region among the numerous meadows and grasslands. Rangos at this time dwelled in the swamps and mangroves, and eventually visited the wetlands of the great forests, the mighty rivers that crisscrossed Petootie, and the majestic lakes of the prairies.

However, after the first Petpal discovered “The Magic Fountains”, everything started to change.

The Magic Fountains are the core places where magical and natural energy gathers, long untouched ruins, filled with ancient inscriptions telling many stories. About the creation of brushes, ancient sages, and the magical nature of Petootie. From those places came the stories that present Petpals tell their Petlings and also from those places came the beginning of great changes.

Part II – Regionalization and creation of relationships between groups of Petpals

Upon discovering the existence of one of those magical sources, and realizing all the power and knowledge within it, a group of petpals debated for some time what they should do:

Katnik, a Meowmi-type Petpal, proposes they need to study the place further, to learn how to create more of these powerful artifacts (Paintbrushes) and uses them to make life easier for all Petpals in Petootie, heal their wounds and help them to get food and natural resources.

Kang, an Kong-type Petpal, wanted a way to transfer that magic of the artifacts to power himself and his body.

Doug, a Doge-type Petpal, believed that they should use those discoveries’ power to cross the great oceans and discover the secrets that might exist beyond.

Waldd, a Jaws-type Petpal, thought they should use the artifacts’ power to take over the entire island of Petootie and become its rulers.
For a while, these and other Petpals gave their opinions, finally, without reaching an agreement, they decided to split ways, each one following what one believed.

Each of them took a portion of what they discovered, artifacts (Paintbrushes), old inscriptions, runes, and stories to tell, following their ambitions on their own.

Katnik decided she would stay in the vicinity of that fascinating place where she would receive Petpals from all over Petootie and teach them how to use the magical artifacts to heal wounds and aid in daily work. She ended up forming the first village of Petootie, the Village of Adderhan.

Doug decided to build, on his own, the greatest and strongest boat ever seen. With his new knowledge and his Paintbrush power, he was soon able to follow his adventure beyond the sea.

Waldd returned to his homeland, showed off his new powers, and declared himself the king of all Petootie, gathering others who thought like him to be his followers. In the end, he named his village Ucrimond, where the first battle for Petootie’s would begin.

Kang followed his ambitions and eventually discovered the ruins of another Magical Fountain. He secretly began to study it, researching a way to bring the magical power of nature into his own body. Over time, he invented the first version of an object that came to be known as Petbox, a type of cage that served both to capture a Petpal and also to gather magical energy from the moon and the sun into its body, making it evolve into a more powerful form.

Kang managed to become more powerful and, comprehending the threat of Waldd, decided to form his own army, becoming the ruler of the region known as Mistigarth.

Having no choice but to defend herself and her people against her former teammates, Katnik created a protective army to defend Adderhan.
And so began the age of war.

Doug, who traveled the seas beyond Petootie, discovered the existence of other islands, many of which were ruled by powerful creatures. Some of them knew the secret of Magical Fountains and used its power to command. As Doug became aware of these creatures, they also became aware of Doug’s Paintbrushes, and wondered about the existence of different Magical Fountains, something that both threatened their sovereignty and ignited their ambition for increasing their power.

For the Petpals in Petootie, it was a surprise when they started to be invaded by mythical creatures, with different magical powers and Paintbrushes, but Doug knew very well how they got to know about Petootie.

Part III – The realms/places and their main features.

Over time, villages became major centers of Petootie life, and their leaders came to command large regions, these regions have been known as:

Mistigarth – The Roaring Realm
This region is known for its open fields and its great lake, located in the center of Petootie. This realm is also remembered for the emergence of Petboxes, its inhabitants were the first to become stronger without the use of Paintbrushes, evolving their physical attributes and even obtaining magical abilities by capturing the energy of the stars.

Mitigarthians are known for their wildness, physical strength, and prowess.

Ucrimond – The Thunder-Moon Coast
A region known for its integration of marsh, coastal and marine ecosystems, its name was coined by its first (and self-proclaimed) King, Walld, whose electrical powers lit up the entire coast during dark, moonless nights. The Paintbrush used by him is a legendary artifact known as Thunder-Moon PaintBrush.

Ucrimondians are remembered for being ambitious, fiery, and for being able to adapt to almost any type of natural environment, even in battle.

Adderhan – The Rune Lands
Among the three great realms, Adderhan was the realm where balance and peace were most cultivated, however, they always had to defend themselves from those other kingdoms, who sought to control the “First Magical Fountain”.
Their lands are mostly composed of large forests, protected by the great “Star Peaks” to the east, and the “Runaway River” to the north. This realm is the most difficult to access, and its inhabitants have studied the ancestral runes, using their magical powers to protect their land.

Adderhanians are known for their mystical abilities, agility, and ease to hide in the woods.

Part IV – Hibernation

After the discovery of other Magical Fountains hidden throughout Petootie, several secrets of the ancient sages were revealed, and, sooner or later, this newly acquired knowledge ended up reaching every realm of the island. From this new information, the artisans of the realms managed to craft, each one in its way, new types of Paintbrushes.

Although the novelty increased everyone’s powers, the new Paintbrushes made haven’t the same power as those found on the Magical Fountains. The ancients, with all their power and wisdom, did not reveal all their secrets, something was still missing, something that allowed them to cast the whole potential of nature into their Paintbrushes.

Attempting to discover this secret, that Shutney, a rango-type Petpal, and a Paintbrush crafter, decided to make a journey through all the Magical Fountains already discovered.

She, who had long traveled the realms selling her creations, thought that she could discover the deepest secrets of the ancients.
Shutney used to say that her birth curse was also her blessing, she was born with one of her legs deformed and learned the craftsmanship to remedy her mobility problems. Her first creation was a roller-leg with brakes activated by her handicapped toes, providing her with the required support to stand upright and, at the same time, move freely whenever she wanted.

Few people could reach the Magical Fountains, and even fewer people were allowed to visit them, however, Shutney owned what everyone wanted, the knowledge to create Paintbrushes, Petboxes, and other interesting artifacts.

As you may recall, these types of magical artifacts can only be created inside Magical Fountains, and that was Shutney’s card up her sleeve. She always offered something that no one could refuse, at least in times of war. So, even though she wasn’t from any of the realms, people always let her in and spend as much time as she wanted at the Fountains.

During this pilgrimage, Shutney spent days, sometimes even weeks, living inside the Magical Fountains. In the beginning, the rango could not discover any great secrets, the scriptures did not reveal anything new and there was not an inch of those places that had not already been scrutinized by its discoverers.

For the first few months, Shutney considered giving up, maybe there weren’t any great discoveries at all…

However, when visiting the Ucrimond Underwater Fountain, one of the newest to be discovered, she began to understand the real power of these mystical places. As the access to this fountain was very difficult, having to be taken by large marine animals to an underwater cave, Shutney ended up spending more time than usual inside this Fountain.

As each night passed, she began to notice an improvement in her physical stamina, her handicapped leg bothered her each time fewer, in addition, her hunger also started to decrease. One morning when she woke up, she was surprised by the arrival of Tark, a Whale-type petpal, that was in charge of protecting the place.

Tark explained that despite not wanting to interfere with the artisan’s work, he came to check if she was still alive, as several months had passed since her arrival.

Shutney then understood that each supposed night she had slept at the Fountain lasted at least a week. Another unusual fact, her handicapped leg was now as functional as the other one, had been cured by the prolonged sleep. More than that, her health and physical vigor had never been better.
After some more time studying the Magical fountains, she finally managed to create something that would change the life of the Petpals even more, the Hibernation Stones.

These stones are made of a special material, only known by Shutney, which absorbs the power of nature while in Magical Fountains, and slowly releases it during hibernation for those who wear them.

These “Hibernation Stones” became so famous and wanted in the realms, that Shutneyhad to found the Hiberstones Craftsmen’s Guild, which currently has branches in every major town and village of Petootie.

Part V – The story behind Minigames, Battlegrounds, and Raids

After a long period of war that didn’t lead Petootie to a single king, rulers of the three realms decided it was time for a change. The chaos and destruction brought by the war would finally come to an end. For this to happen, other ways to ensure the power of the realms and their leaders’ legitimacy needed to be conceived.

Battlegrounds were the first legitimacy system created and are the main event where the Petpals’ warrior spirit is put to the test, into the arenas, unique and epic battles take place, both between individuals and between groups of petpals.
At the battlegrounds, the most powerful Petpals have the opportunity to show their power and be rewarded if they win. These heroes fight for all the people of Petootie, so they don’t have to live in war or on the run. As the arenas are fought over by exceptional warriors, realms’ territories, villages, and resources are earned for their home kingdoms.

Another way to gain prestige and influence to the realms is through small disputes and games, gaining points by taking part and winning the so-called “minigames”. These are encouragement from the realms’ rulers for their people to keep improving their skills in different ways.
In both modes of dispute, the name of the realms is at stake. The winners become famous and, as they gain battles and points, they are also rewarded with valuable items such as powerful Paintbrushes and unique Petboxes.

The minigames and the battlegrounds are continuous events that take place all over Petootie, stimulating the life and economy of Petpals. The realms and their leaders are still rivals but they don’t fight against each other anymore, leaving the disputes and the conquests to be performed by those events.

Despite the rivalry in the Realms, some events that eventually occur throughout the island require the collaboration of heroes and warriors. These events, which remain a mystery to everyone in Petootie, are the recurrent attacks of powerful creatures, wielders of strange powers, and unfamiliar Paintbrushes.
When one of these mysterious creatures decides to attack the island, the Pals must band together to defend their lands. These creatures do not attack specific Realms, they destroy everything and everyone in their path. These titanic monsters hold powers comparable to the wrath of nature, usually seeming to be the embodiment of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, or thunderstorms.

Some people suspect they are the keepers of Mystyria, awakened from their millenary slumbers by the chaos and imbalance caused by the war in Petootie.

Others believe they are just monsters who want to dominate and reign over Petootie, using the Pals as slaves to supply all their evil desires.
However, the smarter and most cunning Pals realized that those monsters were looking for something, and are attracted by the power of the new Paintbrushes.

Part VI – Some Petpals in the history of Petootie

Katnik: Meowmi-type female Petpal.

A tall and thin Meowmi, with black fur, with agile and graceful movements, Katnik has always stood out for her unusual intelligence. She was the founder of Adderhan and is still its leader. Fairness, kindness, and joy are some of her qualities.

She has always believed that the power discovered in the Magical Fountains should be used to unite the Petpals into a single people, supporting daily work, bringing cure to illness and healing to injuries, and promoting Pals’ integration with nature.

Since childhood, she was an idealist dreamer, motivated to become a healer after a plague that killed several members of her clan.
Her main physical attributes are related to her dexterity and her escaping abilities, she learned to manipulate the magical energy of nature to restore health and strengthen her hit points and defense.

This Meowmi did a great job defending Adderhan, she learned a lot about runes and magical writings, and became a living legend in Petootie. Without her perseverance in studying magic, Adderhan would long ago have been conquered. She uses the powers of paintbrushes and magical runes to confuse her enemies’ senses, hide her tracks, disappear in plain sight, and move quickly and silently.

Rune Lands is not a fictitious name, the ancient rune’s secrets she learned were taught to her people. These runes can magically hide the entire capital and serves also to fortify its gates and walls, making it very difficult for invaders to find and enter it.

Groups and armies that spent too much time searching through the forests often ended up being ambushed by the Adderhanians with their stealth skills.

Few were the enemies who managed to see Katnik’s face in battle and came back to tell the tale. That also means that almost nobody is aware of her physical appearance, favoring Katnik in spying and intrusion missions.


Waldd: Jaws-type male Petpal.

A natural hunter, both on land and underwater. His scaly skin makes him very resistant, its coloring varies between light and dark tones of navy blue. Like other jaws’, Waldd tends to be ruthless and greedy.

Waldd is shorter and stockier than most of his kind, making him want to stand out. Despite his diminutive size, he stood out for his tracking and hunting skills, which led him to join the group of explorers who discovered the First Magical Fountain.

Realizing that paintbrushes could give him the power to be noticed and respected, he decided to use them to become the great king of Petootie, seeking to own them all. He got even more powerful after he managed to steal some petboxes from the Mistigarthians.

Feared by many and revered by the warriors of Ucrimond, Waldd became known throughout Petootie for his constant attempts to dominate the other realms, unleashing war wherever he went.

His brutal power is widely recognized throughout the lands of Petootie, however, he is also known for his lack of military strategy, which led him to several failures while attempting to conquer the realms.

Its main paintbrush is known as the Thunder-Moon and is the most destructive of all the Paintbrushes found in the First Magical Fountain.

Even though he is a terrible military strategist, both realms feared Waldd’s incursions, as it always brought violent and unnecessary destruction to their lands.


Kang: Kong-type male Petpal.

Since was a child, Kang admired physical strength and beauty. He liked to work his body, his muscles, and his flexibility, becoming a beautiful kong, with light brown fur and an athletic body.

He always had a lot of energy and was considered a bit bipolar by his clanmates. When he was in a good mood, Kang was very cheerful, smiling, cute, and lifted the morale of whoever stood beside him. Similarly, when Kang was annoyed, he revealed all his wildness, which, added to his robust body, always ended up in trouble.

Having joined the exploration group to discover the beauty of Petootie lands and its inhabitants, Kang got lost in a narcissistic obsession after he and the group found the First Magic Fountain. In his mind, that power was his opportunity to become the perfect Petpal.

Despite his obsession, the products of his labors turned out to be an important legacy for all Petpals, and the key to increasing their power and evolution, those are the petboxes.

Doug: Doge-type male Petpal.

Slightly overweighted, with a mix of light brown and gold fur, Doug had always enjoyed traveling through the lands of Petootie and hearing the stories of the Petpal clans spread across the island. Being a bit shy and reserved in his personal matters, Doug always preferred to listen than to talk.

His good sight, smell, and hearing always helped him to find food and water, and to avoid dangers during his travels. His almost photographic memory made him one of the greatest connoisseurs of the natural features and paths of Petootie.

His curiosity has always been present in his life, and always took him to extraordinary places.

Doug was the mastermind behind the exploration group. He formed this group after hearing stories of different petpal clans that, without having contacted each other, referred to the same places, where supposedly the “sages of the past” would have lived before giving rise to the clans.

After having organized a group of several Petpals with different abilities, he led the quest for months and traveled through the most unexplored lands of Petootie, until finally finding the First Magical Fountain.

Doug already dreamed about discovering what existed beyond the oceans and saw in the power of paintbrushes one way to fulfill his dream.
He certainly had many adventures outside Petootie, but unfortunately, he never returned to tell his stories.

Extra – An Adderhanian tale:

Only once in all history of Petootie, an army managed to reach out and set a siege to the city of Adderhan. Such a feat was possible because their leader was none other than Waldd himself, the self-declared king of all Petootie, and one of the few who knew both Katnik and the forest paths that led to the First Magical Fountain.

In his attempt to conquer Adderhan, Waldd used the power of his Thunder-Moon Paintbrush to destroy the invisible runes of Adder Forest, managing to reveal the way to the city. Even the protective runes of the gates were destroyed by Waldd, and he considered his attempt victorious when he finally broke down the city gates.

However, his feeling of victory did not last much. When he entered the city, he realized that there wasn’t a living soul in Adderhan, nor were there Paintbrushes or Petboxes, treasures most wanted by Waldd.

Waldd decided to claim the city, settling there with his army. Although he didn’t find the treasures he sought, at least he would have control of Adderhan’s Magical Fountain.

After a few days, however, heavy rain began and, soon after nightfall, the Adderhanians sneaked into the city through the same secret tunnels they used to escape, and, one by one, ambushed Waldd’s warriors. As the rain passed and daylight started to rise at the horizon, Waldd woke from his deep sleep, only to find himself surrounded by Adderhan’s protective guard, with none of his army to protect him.

Waldd saw no alternative but to withdraw, opening his way with his paintbrush’s mighty thunder. Being a jaws, he knew his best chance would be in the water, so he ran to the riverbed, through which he managed to flee.

Since then, this river has officially been named as “Runaway River”, recording in history the shame of Waldd’s greatest defeat.