Product Features


Pal’s Pizzeria

    • The local Pizzeria is in need of your help! They’re short-staffed and need someone to take over while Morinchino makes the deliveries.

Surfs Up

    • The day at the beach is never complete without some surfing! Watch as Pals compete to beat Willy in a surf challenge!

Snowy Racing

    • Some Pals ventured towards the far far mountain. These Pals were irresponsible, found some sleds and decided to race down the mountain with the sleds!

Bean Counter

    • Romeo is deeply in need of help, he’s just had problems at home and is now stuck with all these Beans – he needs to count them to get them delivered appropriately.

Pal’s Couriers

    • The town is missing a courier driver! One of the Pal’s fell sick and is not able to come into work. The town is in need of your help to get the items delivered to their respective owners!

Pal’s Battles

    • There seems to be some sort of underground club that no one is allowed to talk of.

Street Driver

    • There are Pals lost and need to find their way back to town! Help out as you maneuver through the strange aspects of Petootie Island.

Jetpack Pal

    • It looks like some Pals found some devices that allow them to be lifted from the air, try catch up to them to bring them down!


$PALS Staking & Evolution

The reward is distributed from the reserved Petpals Reserved Staking pool of 30,000,000 $PAL tokens (30% of total supply).

Rewards are distributed over locked & hybrid staking, minigames’ rewards and Petpals Battleground’s battles & raids.


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