Participation Guidelines

Step 1

Holders need to hold at least 1,000 $PALS tokens in their wallet.

Step 2

Connect your wallet onto

Step 3

On your first wallet connect you will be assigned a random Petbox. The Petbox will unlock and your pal will appear! To start the evolution phase of your pal, proceed to the staking dapp to stake your pal + $PAL Tokens to send it into hibernation to start the evolution phase. Sit back, watch as you earn more $PALS and increase the Evolution Power + Combat Power (CP) of your Petpal!

Step 4

Your Petpal will take approximately 3 to 7 Days to evolve. Stakers will be able to take part in Minigames or Petpals Battlegrounds activities regardless.

Step 5

While you wait for your pal to evolve, play minigames and earn even more $PAL tokens!