Game Mechanics


Normal Paintbrushes are aplenty in the Petpals world. The above example shows the outcome of applying a unique paintbrush. This unique paintbrush interaction will drastically alter a pal’s appearance and also grant it with special abilities and movesets (For battling in Petpals Battlegrounds). Explore the endless possibilities with pals as new paintbrushes are released regularly.

petpals unique paintbrush


By staking your $PALS tokens, pals will be placed in hibernation to kickstart the evolution process. So take good care of your pal, and enjoy the benefits in staking!

Tip: The higher the evolution stage of your pal, the higher your Annual Percentage Yield (APY) rates when staking due to the Evolution Staking (ES) multipliers!

petpals evolutions


Petboxes are used for the hibernation process of your pal for evolution, it requires staking of $PALS tokens to begin. Higher tier Petboxes will unlock higher APY % when staking your Petpal due to the Petbox Staking multipliers!

Locked & Hybrid Staking

Players can choose between locked staking (just $PAL tokens) or hybrid (pet + $PAL tokens) staking. The hybrid staking grants high APY as it includes the bonuses you get from Evolution and Petbox staking multipliers.

petpals staking information


Minigames is one of the many earns for you to earn $PAL tokens that you can use to stake, evolve and powerup your pal! As your pal evolves, you will be able to unlock more play-to-earn minigames that will allow you to compete with other community members to unlock Magical Paintbrushes and unique Petboxes.

petpals minigames

Petpals Battlegrounds (PC, iOS, Android Compatible)


Compete against other pals in the blockchain through wagers and weekly battleground tournaments.

Raids Against Mythical Creatures

The Magical Land of Petootie receives visits from Mythical Creatures every once in awhile. Special Event Raids against Mythical Creatures will reward the bravest with Unique and Legendary Paintbrushes and Petboxes. So evolve and power up your pals for the raids!

Attributes Description

Pals’ attributes consists of Hitpoints (HP), Defence (DEF), Speed (SPD) and Evasion (EVA).
Bonus stats can be obtained from Evolution Power (EP), and Combat Power (CP).

Base Attributes

Hit Points (HP) determines the amount of damage your pal can take while defends before it faints.
Defence (DEF) determines the amount of fortitude your pal has. Reduces damage from normal and critical hits.
Speed (SPD) determines the battle sequence, which pal starts first and which gets to attack more.
Evasion (EVA) determines the rate at which your pal dodges attacks and special attacks.

Special Attributes

Evolution Power (EP) are determined by the pals’ current evolution stage. The higher your pal’s EP, the greater the damage.
Combat Power (CP) adds bonuses to HP, DEF, SPD, EVA. The Combat Power (CP) is determined by Evolution Power (EP) + Paintbrush Tier Used

Abilities and Movesets

Pals will unlock new abilities and movesets as it evolves, so hibernate your Petpals’ and watch it grow stronger everyday.

Petpals Attributes