Petpals is a crypto gaming platform that integrates adorable pet NFTs and decentralized yield farm applications through stake to earn, breed to earn, and battle to earn.

Join in the World of Petpals to discover a world of endless possibilities, and interesting Petpals evolution. Play to earn!

Built on the Binance Smart Chain

Petpals is a web-based game application that is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Users will be able to access the NFT Marketplace and play the web based games on

BNB (BEP20) is the main cryptocurrency that is used for transactions in the Petpals Ecosystem. Holders will be able to acquire Petpals, Paintbrushes, and Unique PetBoxes using BNB. A nominal gas fee is needed to process the transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, a wallet such as Trustwallet or Metamask is needed to hold Petpals token.